What is a BIGS Season Pass?

Overview of Services

Baseball International Group of Scouts (BIGS) is an extensive web service available to professional baseball organizations.  The BIGS Season Pass gives exclusive access to the BIGS online database, providing up-to-date scouting reports of players who are elite performers at the upper minor league level yet have not been able to maintain full-time status on an MLB 26-Man roster.  These players are often known as AAAA (Four “A”) players.  A Season Pass lasts from the start of the baseball season through the off-season.

Benefits of a BIGS Season Pass

A BIGS Season Pass will give professional baseball organizations a competitive advantage by having the best information available on AAAA players:

  • BIGS provides an extensive independent database of the top candidates for the NPB, KBO, CPBL, and MiLB free agency
  • BIGS scouts specialize in covering AAAA players
  • BIGS scouts are independent, reducing any bias related to MLB Organizations and agents
  • Professional baseball organizations will have access to the best information without the need to manage additional overseas employees, thus cutting salary costs and travel-related expenses

Expected Results

BIGS provides organizations with detailed and exclusive scouting reports about foreigners who are likely to play overseas.  This information will benefit an organization as they seek to improve foreign production and give a competitive advantage when other organizations add foreign players to their rosters.

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